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Historic-Hastings T-Shirts

Show your love of Hastings by sporting a T-shirt from the Hastings Historical Society. Made from comfortable heavyweight cotton, they are available in both children's (6-8, 10-12) and adult (M, L, XL, XXL) sizes. Shirts are $15 each. Please use our printable order form to order your T-shirt today!

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Moon over Hastings T-shirt
Moon over Hastings
Printed with the image of a photograph taken on glass from the Draper Observatory in 1863. Sizes: Child 6-8, Adult M/LL/XL/XXL. $15.
On the Waterfront T-shirt
On the Waterfront
Printed with a drawing of a Hudson One-Design yacht, introduced to the world by the Tower Ridge Yacht Club in Hastings during the 1922 sailing season. The marconie-rigged boats, 21 feet long, were a great success on the Hudson, as well as in San Francisco Bay, the Great Lakes, Long Island Sound, New Orleans and elsewhere. $10.

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